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A View of Ely Cathedral
A View of Ely Cathedral

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Side Elevation of Ely Cathedral

How long is the Cathedral?
537ft (161m)
How many steps up the West Tower?
How high is the West Tower?
215ft (66m)
How high are the two turrets of the south-west Transept?
120ft (36m)
How wide is the Nave and Aisles?
78ft (24m)
How long is the Nave?
248ft (75m)
How high is the Nave ceiling?
105ft (32m)
How high is the Octagon?
170ft (52m)
How wide is the Octagon?
74ft (23m)
How high is the Octagon Lantern Tower from floor to central roof boss?
142ft (43m)
How long is the Lady Chapel?
100ft (30m)
How wide is the Lady Chapel?
46ft (14m)
How high is the Lady Chapel ceiling?
60ft (18m)
What is the Total area covered of Ely Cathedral?
46,000 sq.ft (4273 sq.m)

How many visitors per year?
c. 250,000