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A View of Ely Cathedral

The Music Appeal

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The Campaign Objectives are to:

  • Put the Cathedral's existing music programme on a sustainable long term basis
  • Enable the develpoment and innovation of the music programme
  • Fulfil the Cathedral's long term plans and vision for mission and outreach

... secure the future of the Cathedral's Music

The tradition of music at Ely Cathedral is steeped in history with Christian worship being traced back for 1300 years.

The Cathedral Choir
The Cathedral Choir

This alone makes it a national treasure worth cherishing and maintaining. Today music plays a key part in daily services and concerts, providing a channel to reach people emotionally and spiritually. The foundation of that music is the Cathedral's Choir, and our first priority is to secure the future of this choir and its music. This is not possible without further assistance.

... increase the number of choral services

The Cathedral Choir has two components. 22 boy choristers and a sextet of adult layclerks to sing the lower parts. Outside school terms the layclerks sing Cathedral services on their own. It is a matter of top priority to maximise the use of the layclerks in this way. To facilitate such an inspiration, two soprano layclerks will be recruited to create an octet. This will make it possible to broaden the range of music sung when the boys' choir is not available.

... extend the Cathedral's mission

Extend the Cathedral's Mission
Extend the Cathedral's

High on the list of priorities once the previous objectives have been met is the establishment of a new Children's Choir. This new choir will be a vital part of the extension of the Cathedral's mission by involving families who would not normally participate in the life of the Cathedral. The boys and girls will be recruited from all schools in Ely and the surrounding area. A mixed choir is an innovative concept for a Cathedral and will have a distinct ethos and excellence of its own.

... develop the Cathedral in its role as a centre of music education

Linked with the founding of the Children's Choir is the potential to revitalise singing in local schools. It is intended that special relationships will be built up between the Cathedral and these schools. There will be opportunities for teachers to develop their teaching skills through regular contact with the highly respected choral trainers employed by the Cathedral.
Similar work is also envisaged with selected parish church choirs and their directors drawn fiom across the diocese.

... develop the Cathedral's international profile

International Profile
International Profile

International Summer Schools will be promoted. It is anticipated the schools will become a focal point for leading tutors and composers, thus encouraging the development of the next generation of professional musicians. In-depth study will also be offered to visiting choirs. As finances allow, two organ scholarships will be established. This will help to attract international applicants.

How To Give

The target for the Revenue Fund is £2,500,000.
The most tax effective form of giving available to donors is through Gift Aid, and we will be pleased to discuss this with you.

For further information please contact:
Ely Cathedral Music Appeal
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