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Ely Open Lecture 2013

Sir Roger Tomkys
5 November 2013

Audio File 'Syria - What next?' (mp3 - 61mb)

Ely Cathedral 2012 Etheldreda Lecture

Sue Freestone - Head of King's Ely
21 October 2012

Audio File Money, Power, Influence - and Faith? (mp3 - 33mb)

Amnesty International Lecture 2012

'Peace-keeping in Sudan: its impact on the wider world'
Dr Sharath Srinivasan Centre for Governance and Human Rights, Cambridge University
26 October 2012

Audio File Amnesty International Lecture 2012 (mp3 - 55mb)

Prayer Book Lecture 2012


The lecture will take the audience back to familiar sections of the BCP, such as the Collects, the Daily Offices, the Order for Holy Communion, and the Baptism, Marriage and Burial rites, with the aim of showing how these describe the shape and maintenance of a godly society.
Dr Bridget Nichols
23 September 2012

Audio File Prayer Book Lecture - Dr Bridget Nichols (mp3 - 34mb)

Amnesty International Lecture 2011

'Hidden victims: the criminalisation of migrant women'
Professor Loraine Gelsthorpe (Institute of Criminology, University of Cambridge)
1 November 2011

Audio File Amnesty International Lecture 2011 (mp3 - 34mb)

Ely Cathedral 2011 Etheldreda Lecture

Anjum Anwar MBE
17 October 2011

Audio File Can Muslims and Christian live in Peace? (mp3 - 27mb)

Ely Cathedral 2011 Lectures

To celebrate the 400th anniversary of the publication of the 'King James Bible', Ely Cathedral is holding a series of Lectures related to the King James Bible.

King James Bible

Dr Ed Kessler
10 May 2011

Audio File The Bible & other Faiths (mp3 - 29mb)

Dr Melvyn Bragg
16 May 2011

Audio File The King James Bible (in partnership with Toppings Bookshop) (mp3 - 30mb)

Gordon Jackson
22 May 2011

Audio File The Bible as Poetry. 'Banquet of love' - a poetry reading based on Song of Songs (mp3 - 27mb)

Prof Richard Bauckham
6 June 2011

Audio File The Bible & the Environment (mp3 - 32mb)

Dr Adrian Chatfield
8 June 2011

Audio File The Bible & Prayer (mp3 - 38mb)

Dr Rebecca Nye
12 July 2011

Audio File The Bible & Children (mp3 - 27mb)

Bishop Stephen Conway
8 December 2011

Audio File The Bible & Friends (mp3 - 29mb)