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A View of Ely Cathedral

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Calling local girls and boys aged 7-13 who can sing!

Ely cathedral is inviting more young singers to join the ranks of its well etablished and highly regarded Children's Choir, The Ely Imps.

Ely Imps rehearse with John Rutter - 2006
Ely Imps rehearse with John Rutter - 2006

The choir appeared in public for the first time in 2006 when over 100 boys and girls aged 7-13 sang to a packed cathedral under the baton of the world-famous Cambridge based composer, John Rutter. Since their debut performance in the Cathedral. The Ely Imps have sung at many exciting concerts and events alongside high profile musicians and artists, including John Rutter and Aled Jones. The Ely Imps also regularly sing with the Ely Cathedral Choristers at key concerts in the Cathedral calendar including the annual Christmas Charity Carol Concert. Paul Trepte, Director of Music at the cathedral and founder/ conductor of The Ely Imps explains:

"Collaborations with the cathedral choirs have encouraged a number of girls and boys (including last year's Head Chorister - no less!) to become cathedral choristers themselves - even though this was never the prime purpose of our children's choir. Our 45-minute rehearsals are deliberately planned to take place on varied weekday evening's so that children with other commitments can attend regularly without sacrificing their other interests. The emphasis is always on the fun and joy of singing and the feedback from the kids and their parents has always been extremely positive. Singing is enjoying quite a resurgence these days - in part thanks to TV programmes which have demonstrated that a "feel good" factor is among its many benefits. Singing in the fabulous setting of Ely Cathedral under the guidance of professional experts (such as our singing animateur, Rebecca Duckworth), is an especially rewarding experience. If you know a boy or girl in this age group who enjoys singing, do please encourage their parents to get in touch with us as soon as possible. The more the merrier!"

Don't be shy! Give it a try!
Paul Trepte rehearsing the Ely Imps

Rehearsals will resume in September 2013 for concerts and appearances in Ely celebrating Harvest-tide and Christmas. The Ely Imps will perform in the Cathedral on Sunday afternoon, 13 October, and on Saturday evening 7 December alongside the Cathedral Choir. In addition the children will sing a concert in Sutton Church on Friday 18 October and visit the old folk at Soham Lodge Care Centre on Tuesday 10 December. As usual, The Ely Imps will lead the singing at the annual Christingle service on Saturday 14 December and also the Crib Service on Christmas eve in the afternoon.

Interested? If so please contact the Administrator, Anne Mizen, a.mizen@cathedral.ely.anglican.org. Tel: 01353 664470 as soon as possible to arrange a time to sing to Mr. Trepte who will be pleased to meet children and their parents at any convenient time. Those who inquire will be given an individual time slot to show how well they can sing. It is best to bring a song along, but if that is a problem Mr. Trepte will be happy to devise some singing games instead.

There is no need to be scared of an "audition" because the occasion will be a relaxed and enjoyable experience.

Don't be shy! Give it a try!

The Ely Imps
Directed by: Paul Trepte
Administrator: Anne Mizen
87 Downham Road
Tel: 01353 664470