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A View of Ely Cathedral
A View of Ely Cathedral

Links Across the World


Links across the world
Links throughout the world

Ely Cathedral is not only a part of the Church of England, it is also a part of the Worldwide Anglican Communion.

Links with the Church both in this country and throughout the world help us to learn about life in different communities and cultures to our own, and keep our eyes open to the length and breadth of the Church.

Ely Cathedral enjoys links with:

The Parish of Hackney
The Parish of Hackney

The Parish of Hackney in North London.

The congregations from the Parish of Hackney and the Cathedral exchange visits and share in each others worship. Both congregations have benefited from learning about the joys and sorrows of life in rural East Anglia and inner-city London.


Christ Church Cathedral, Zanzibar
Zanzibar Cathedral

Zanzibar Cathedral, Tanzania, off the eastern coast of Africa.

Exchange visits are a little more difficult, but the Bishop of Zanzibar has preached at the Cathedral, and we are learning about life as a minority faith in a very different part of the world.


Christ Church Cathedral, Zanzibar
Schleswig Cathedral

Church of the North Elbe, Northern Germany

Ely Cathedral is part of the Diocese of Ely's link with the Evangelical Lutheran Church of the North Elbe in northern Germany. You can find out more about this by clicking here.