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A View of Ely Cathedral
A View of Ely Cathedral

Love is His Meaning


Since earliest times, Christian people have made pilgrimages to holy places as a way of deepening and renewing their faith.

You are following in the footsteps of many thousands of pilgrims who have visited Ely Cathedral over the centuries.

The font in the S.W. Transept, in which generations of Christians have been baptized, is a starting point for many pilgrimages of faith. The labyrinth floor pattern under the West tower is an image in miniature of our pilgrimage through life, as is "The Way of Life" sculpture on the adjacent wall.

Before you visit the Cathedral, pause to say a prayer in the Pilgrim's Chapel for yourself, and for all who visit this place in search of the God whose meaning is love.

'The primary purpose of pilgrimage has always been to seek the holy, concretely embodied in a sacred place. The practice of pilgrimage, to seek the sacred outside one's immediate locality, helps the believer to a broader and more complex perception of the sacred.'

From 'The Stripping of the Altars', Eamon Duffy, 20th Century

Pilgrims Today
Pilgrims Today
Photo Sam Lawrence

'Would you know your Lord's meaning in this? Learn it well. Love was his meaning.'

From 'Revelations of Divine Love', Mother Julian of Norwich, 14th Century)

'God of pilgrimage
Be with me on my journey through this life;
Guard and defend me,
Shelter and feed me,
Challenge and inspire me,
Teach me and lead me,
and when my days are ended
Welcome me home at last
To rest in your love for ever.

'A Pilgrim's Prayer', 20th Century

'Remember, I am with you always, to the end of the age.' Matthew 28:20