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A View of Ely Cathedral
A View of Ely Cathedral

Monthly Intercessions


  1. Administrator; Almonry and Refectory Staff.
  2. Archdeacons; The College of Canons; Members of the Cathedral Foundation.
  3. Bishop of Ely; Bishop of Huntingdon; Hon Assistant Bishops.
  4. Canon Missioner; Outreach to the Community; Mission and Education Advisory Group.
  5. Canon Pastor; Cathedral Pastoral Team; Priest Vicars; all involved in Health Care.
  6. Canon Precentor; Music and Worship Secretary.
  7. Cathedral and High Street Shop Staff.
  8. Cathedral Guides; Day Chaplains; Ministry of Welcome Team.
  9. Chapter and the Parishes of which they are Patron; Licensed Lay Ministers.
  10. Chapter House Staff; Stained Glass Museum.
  11. Guild of Stewards; Archivist.
  12. Churches Together in Ely; House Groups; Community of St. Etheldreda.
  13. Dean; Finance Advisory Group; Finance Office Staff; Cathedral Fundraiser.
  14. Director of Music; Assistant Organist; Cathedral Choir; Choir House Staff; Choir Parents; Ely Imps.
  15. Education Officer; School Guides; Education Centre Staff; Education Advisory Group; Cathedral Conference Centre Manager.
  16. Ely Cathedral Girls' Choir; Ely Cathedral Octagon Singers.
  17. Flower Guild; Concerts Group.
  18. Friends of The Cathedral.
  19. King's Ely; The Head; Chaplain; Staff, Pupils, Parents and Governors.
  20. Links Group; Parish of Hackney; Zanzibar Cathedral; Diocese of North Elbe.
  21. Little Acorns; Sunday Club.
  22. Marketing Manager; Local Emergency Services.
  23. Mayor and City Council of Ely; Leader and Councillors of East Cambs District Council and Cambridgeshire County Council.
  24. Mothers' Union; Edward Bear Club.
  25. Operations Managers; Vergers and Bedesmen.
  26. Order of St Etheldreda; Cathedral Council.
  27. Readers; Intercessors and Servers.
  28. Surveyor to the Fabric; Clerk of Works; Fabric Advisory Committee.
  29. Visits and Tours Manager; Admissions Staff.
  30. Workforce; Cleaners and Marthas.

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