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A View of Ely Cathedral
A View of Ely Cathedral

Sharing the Faith


A Witness to the Christian Faith

Ely Cathedral is undeniably a place of great beauty and stunning architecture and an important part of our national heritage. But above all it is a house of prayer and a witness to the Christian faith - a faith in Jesus Christ which has changed lives down the centuries and still changes them to this very day.

This is the faith which the Cathedral seeks to share with all who pass through its doors. This faith inspired its creation and the life and work of the Church today.

The following (links) give an outline of what the Christian faith is about.

Faith and the Church of England
The Christmas Message
The Response of Faith
The Way of the Cross
A Living Hope
Love is His Meaning

To see how faith is linked to our heritage here in Ely, view some of the short films at A Living Heritage.